ThinkWorkPlay has developed a 3-Step Process to help professional, collegiate and amateur golfers improve their performance, so they play and perform to their potential.

What is the ThinkWorkPlay 3-Step Process?:

  1. Through a combination of one-on-one mentoring and cutting-edge performance enhancing software, golfers learn to manage their emotions, develop self-awareness, chose their emotional states, identify their key strengths and build consistency to transform their game.
  2. PGA Performance Coach and Emotional/Mental Game Mentor, Doug Hodges coaches and mentors golfers on how to develop and incorporate mental game skills into their golf game, so they can relinquish fear and anxiety and tap into their innate potential so they perform at the highest level.
  3. Golfers use their new emotional management and mental game skills to make purposeful, intentional choices to shift to an experiential space, where they remove barriers that inhibit performance, develop more clarity, improve their decision-making, increase self awareness and develop trust in their swing.

The ThinkWorkPlay 3-Step Process gives you the tools to:

  • Acknowledge limiting thoughts, emotions and self-defeating actions
  • Break out of your comfort zone and play outside it on a regular basis
  • Create an environment that transforms you into the golfer you're meant to be

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